Know how Free Fire Battlegrounds is a chance to loot?

All the players jump out of the plane by opening the parachute without any resource. Simply there is hardly any scope other than finding a place to hide and judge the situations. On the way, the player should target to make loot for the armor and weapons as fast as one can. Quickly one needs to search out a place to hide. Some player may prefer bushes whereas others find relief in nearby buildings. After getting into the building player may find loot, if not already plundered by any other player. The players need to keep an eye on the top of the interface to see the countdown. The safe zone would appear not before 4 minutes. Some time is wasted in landing hence actually you get only 2 to 3 minutes in locating your safe zone.

The trick for getting the safe zones?

After getting a safe zone you should not start fighting. These initial times are very important when the players should arm themselves. The fate of the game depends a lot on the decision that a player takes at this start time. Do not panic rather keep cool and let other players slaying each other. This will lessen the burden of killing many and at the same time, you save your bullets. For more garena free fire battlegrounds cheats and tricks, visit thatgamehack.

How does the safe zone appear?

In Free Fire Battlegrounds safe zones are quite a large and wide area marked by white circles. These zones can appear anywhere in the map. The players are safe inside these circled safe zones. Once a player gets out of the safe zone health condition deteriorates fast and the player can die even within two minutes. Hence, try to manage to stay inside the white-circled safe zone as much as possible. Well, the experts can get in and move out of these safe zones as a part of their tactics. But the novice should always try to stay in the safe zone otherwise fighting would be tougher or may become impossible.

Know how safe area shrinks as the game proceeds

One thing the players need to remember is that the safe zone of the Free Fire Battleground shrinks as the game proceeds. The game area gets smaller with each second. In the ending time, only a tiny space remains for the battle and the player dies more quickly outside the smaller safe zone. Another thing a player should remember that in the battleground you can never stay at one place.

Basic tricks of playing Bullet Force Hack

There are many shooting games available for the Smartphone users. But all does not meet the expectation of the players. Gamers wait for some game which can give them a realistic experience. After long wait players have got a tremendous shooting game. The world knows the game by the name of Bullet Force. Every shooter feels almost the same experience as they would experience in any reallife shooting event.

The game needs to make one corner from where he would be shooting at the opponent and starts targeting at the other online shooters. Fix the target and shoot. The room from where the gamers would shoot can be private or public. Players can also get into some already existing rooms and begin shooting. During shooting the players need to keep a close watch on the stock of the weapons. Regularly the players need to buy a laser and other weapons. For the strength, the gamer even purchases camouflaging items.

Know the features of the Bullet Force Hack

Weapons: Weapons are the main variety of equipment that can be chosen by you for fighting great battles with your opponents. There are about twenty different arms available throughout which also includes guns, camouflages and laser sights. You can also choose powerful weapons for spending more number of gold and some of the other currencies that are supposed for the game as a virtual one. You have to spend a number of gold for fetching the powerful weapons. The number of times to play the number of times you can earn. As you know gold is a really valuable asset for all and this can make your game get successful more quickly.

Maps and Modes: The game Bullet Force Hack actually consists of three absolute modes like the Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, and Conquest. All the modes are completely different from each other and the features are different as well. The goals, maps, and the theme are entirely different. The game has six completely different scenarios that the player can opt for. Two maps can be unlocked with the help of the valuable asset gold. To be a potent player you need to know the spots and the landscapes. Even the player needs to be very specific about the locations. You can go exploring various other new routes. You need to devote some of your precious time for knowing the rules and terms of the game.

Graphics: The game is really loved by many not only because o it game terms but also because of its fabulous graphics. No other game has such wonderful graphical presentation. The presentation of the game is really outstanding and the aspects of the game are nearly close to the reality.

Learning to make things out with chart bar

While playing the game it is completely your decision to choose your location. You can really choose your server according to your convenient location. Youcan only starts the game when you go for creating an account with a username and only then you can go for continuing your game.

Multiplayer games present in Roblox

Roblox is a platform where you can find many games of different genre. This site has already attracted more than 42 million of players who play as well as the developed game. Even if you are a beginner still you will find something interesting to play on this website and the games are so challenging that it will keep you hooked up to it for a long time.

Starting from building games to fighting or shooting games this place is a paradise for the gamers. Playing in multiplayer mode is quite an interesting thing to do. So if you have an account on the Roblox websites do not forget to check the below mentioned multiplayer games.

Famous multiplayer games

Jailbreak: It is one of the most famous multiplayer game in Roblox. Here in this game of jailbreak, you will get the option of becoming either the criminal or the police officer. You can either steal from the stores and use a different kind of cars or maintain the peace of the city. The game will start with the criminal who will try to break the jail and then commit the robbery. So if you can add your friends to play in the multiplayer mode then it will be quite interesting where all of you are trying to get out from the jail. And at the same time, your friends will be there as the police and try to catch you. So this game is getting new updates every now and then so that the players will get something interesting every day without finding the game stale. For the best gameplay experience, it is recommended you use Robux cheats.

Pokemon brick bronze: You can either enjoy the game in solo mode or add more fun by playing it with some of your friends. This is not a complete MMO game but you can also add some friends and create a team. After the completion of the beginning gym battle, you can easily battle with the other players and also trade. So after spending a little time in this game, you can actually grasp it properly. Then you can find the real champion by fighting with your acquaintances.

Phantom Forces: This game starts with a player who is selecting the weapons and the loadout before they start jumping into the fray. The player who has experience in playing the game Call of Duty will find it easy to play this game. This is quite a popular game and is having 10000 players so finding the players won’t be an issue in this game.

Playing in multiplayer mode is more interesting than the solo mode. It helps you to compete with a known person instead of the unknown ones which make that game quite interesting.

If you are having an account on the Roblox website then do try to play all the popular games. You can find many games which are similar to the other famous games. As most of the games are free to play so trying your skills in these games is a great idea.

The complete guide to Clash Royale Hack

If you are a battle lover, then you would have definitely tried the games of supercell. Well, the developers generally come up with superbly immersive games that can let you have actual fun in your spare or leisure time. One of the craziest games developed by the team is the Clash Royale Hack. For those who are unaware of how the game goes on, you generally have to collect cards from various creatures and have to build up your own tower. While doing this, destroying the opponents’ tower is the key goal. The game has truly bashed the gaming industry, and thus, with an increased amount of players, the need for Clash Royale Hack is also felt largely. So, know what the hack is and how it is essential for every beginner!

About Clash Royale Hack

Playing the game could be actually fantasizing until you have all the resources that you want and the game are in your favor. The actual problem strikes which the resources start turning up to nil and you cannot find a way out of the challenging levels. Moreover, to get placed in the leaderboard rankings, it is essential to beat up the opponents. Being a beginner, unless you have the complete idea of how the game goes on, its cheats and tricks, it is impossible to bet those experienced players. Thus, in the end, you are only left with one alternative, which is to make the use of Clash Royale Hack.

Benefits that come with Clash Royale Hack

Finding a hack tool is completely easy today as there are uncountable websites that serve you with one. But before you plan to choose a website that brings great benefits for you, finds out whether it’s registered, credible and a secure platform or not. A lot of time people may usually get trapped in the fake claims of various websites and can even lose their money. Keep in mind that most of the hacks are actually free to use and they charge no price from the customers. Now, as soon as you get the right website, you can enjoy the benefits of-

Free gems– Undoubtedly the major idea of getting a hack is to get unlimited gems for no cost. You can easily do this right through your phone and in fact a number of times. Just stay reasonable while you choose the gems and get them without getting banned.

Free gold– Along with the gems, gold is also essential to play the game with ease. The Clash Royale Hack lets you enjoy the presence of huge gold sacks even without investing your real money. The gold is not exactly the top class resources, but it is still required to get an extra boost in the game.

Many individuals generally prefer free elixirs- Elixirs as they let you make the use of your cards. While you attain the hack tool, you can generate as many elixirs as you want and can play the game with creative planning and great strategy.

Perfect assistanceThe hack providers usually have a team of experts who keep you under supervision all the time. As the cheat is built in, all the details are kept securely, and no information goes out of hand. Thus, your account never falls into the trap of getting suspended.

No requirement of download- Most of the cheat and hack providers available online are filled with viruses and malicious codes. But getting your hack from a reliable website is extremely adventurous. You neither have to download any APK files nor have to get any application on your device; the hack runs directly through any browser.

Fast to use– the hack can be used from any device at any point of time and is easy to use. You just have to add your Clash Royale online gaming account details, add the number of resources you want, and it’s all done. The hacks, credited to your account within a minute.

Thus, whether you are playing from any mobile phone and from anywhere, the hacks are generally the perfect way to bring excitement to your game. The Clash Royale Hack tool is hassle-free, and you have to make no purchases at all.

Best Snapchat Password Cracking Tool


Snapchat hack: Best Password Cracking Tool

Most of people want to spy their lovers and the most common method is to keep an eye on their social media accounts. This is easy to spy Facebook and whatsapp but when the time comes to Snapchat then there is nothing a person can do. Snapchat is more secure in term of checking profile because no one can check out your friend list, followers or anything like this. In this condition, people search for alternatives to get inside their lovers account by knowing their password or checking in their phone when they aren’t around. There is a perfect alternative which can help in this condition is Snapchat password hack. With the help of this tool, a person can know password of anyone and let you everything about a person. In order to get started, you need to know the username of person you want to hack. If a person doesn’t know the username then searching for the person with name is last option.


Features Of Snapchat hack

There are lots of functions are added in Snapchat hack which let you browse safe and it’s some other features provide ease of using it. The functions are:

  • Security by Anti-ban and Proxy tool (SSL security feature)
  • Compatibility with every Smartphone device and Computer including Mac series.
  • Regularity is the feature ensures that a person can use this tool thousands of times.
  • There is no need of downloading a spying tool or anything to get started.
  • It provides services 24/7 which means that there is no issue of time.
  • Root or jailbreak is required by most of the spying tools but this tool is much better than others.

These are the couple of features which proved beneficial in many ways. You need to keep on following some of the tips to get started and know password of a person. Basically, people with insecurities in relation use it. This is the best way to secure you from cheat. Those who are facing issues in relationship can use this and know more about their partners. There may be many more things to do but nothing can help like this tool does.


Reviews Regarding Snapchat Hack

Those who don’t know anything about Snapchat hack can know more about it with the help of reviews. There are lots of satisfied people who provide their reviews after using this tool. If you check out the reviews then you will get to know about the thing that most of the users are satisfied by it. The second thing which you can know is it is free to use. Perhaps, no one ever feel down with the use of Snapchat hack. If you get the password of desired person and thinking what to do then don’t worry and open it. Make sure you review regarding this tool because these are helpful to other people. The last thing which you can do is to share this tool with others so that they can also get what they need.

Tired of Paying for Hay Day Currency?

There is nothing new in the fact that gaming world has its own requirements where you are expected to earn the gaming currency using your gaming skills and involvement. In order to obtain money in Hay Day game, you are supposed to do many things. With the starting of crop cultivation, you can boost up your wealth in the game. By default, there will be almost thirty diamonds deposited in your gaming account. The next task is increasing your wealth through creating more and more buildings.

Earning coins – Hay day game

The gaming money in Hay Day is available in two different forms namely gold coins and diamonds.  Fulfilling the target of development is not possible without the sufficient amount of these currencies. Earning gaming currency depends on many different factors in the virtual world of Hay Day. Knowing about the profitable deals and crops is on the top when it comes to tips to gain money through business transactions in Hay day.

Tips to earn coins in Hay Day

There are some smart tips which will be very helpful for you and you can earn lots of coins.

1- The work of harvesting is on the tops when you are willing to earn more amounts of coins. You must be able to manage all types of crops in a good manner. Time taken by crops must be analyzed by a good player because only those crops can be more profitable for you that can be ripened in very short period of time.

2- You must be getting some orders from the customers through Hay Day bulletin board. Social skills are very necessary in order to earn money this way because you must only choose the most profitable deals here.

3- Organization of some events is done by the developer time to time to create more interest in Hay Day. Diamonds are given as a reward for participation in the events. In order to secure your chance, you must pay full attention and involvement in such events.

4- The next thing which is expected from you is checking out the profitable deals in the newspaper. In case you are able to get some precious items at the economic rate for bulk purchasing, don’t hesitate and go for it.  You can sell later on these products on the open market in order to earn more profit.

5- Being careful at the time of selling and buying a product is also compulsory. There can be several situations where the buyer is not ready to pay you the expected amount of money. Here you must analysis all the factors and don’t make any decision in rush.

6- You must also understand the effects of supply and demand because developers have kept them as they happen in the real world. In the profitable deals, you can earn the bulk amount of coins if you have a great understanding about these deals. This can be easily learned through experience so don’t give up or lose your hope even if you are a fresher.

Learn to explore the new way – Hay day hack free diamonds

Even after following the above-given tips, there is no guarantee that overall speed of gaining wealth in Hay Day Game will increase. For this, you will have to find the new ways all the time. In this direction, you can also learn to use this remarkable hack tool.

–    This hack tool is completely safe to use and tasted by many professionals and experience players already.

–    There is nothing to worry about because this comes with a dynamic feature which hides your identity and nothing is asked personally from you.

–    The hack tool is very easy to use and available online every time. So you can use it as per your own convenience whenever you want.

–    You can generate unlimited diamonds and coins through and they will be directly deposited in your gaming account.


You must only use the official website in order to generate the gaming resources. The usage is completely safe but still, you must use it wisely as per your gaming requirements.

5 Reasons I Went from Being a Halo: Reach Fan to Being a Call of Duty: Black Ops Convert

I’ve been a Halo fan since day one, literally [11/15/01], but after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops a few friends finally got me to play a Call of Duty game – and boy, was I blown away. Following are 5 reasons why I switched for Reach to Black Ops.

One of the biggest bummers that came along with the release of Halo: Reach was the demise of my favorite Halo weapon of all time; the Battle Rifle (BR). Halo: Reach replaced the Battle Rifle with the Designated Marskmen Rifle and added one of the worst features ever – reticle bloom. When I first played Call of Duty: Black Ops, I was amazed at not only how many Assault Rifle options there were, but also the great amount of other awesome weapons that I had to choose from.

Better Maps

Some might argue that Halo: Reach has the better graphics over Call of Duty: Black Ops and vice versa, but none can argue that Halo: Reach has more details and well developed maps. Halo: Reach has more maps and Forge, but most of Halo’s maps are remakes and Forge World variants whereas the maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops are all unique and well put together.

Armor Lock

Most of the reasons why I started playing more Black Ops than Halo: Reach has been because of how awesome Black Ops is, but this particular reason has something to do with how ridiculous Halo: Reach is. The Armor Lock armor ability in Halo: Reach drives me absolutely insane. Armor Lock is the most ridiculous and overpowered feature added to any Halo game – ever. I’m not butt-hurt because I get owned by Armor Lock [I don’t], I’m pissed because Armor Lock is just too overused and often unnecessary.

Credits that actually mean something

Both Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops have their own currency system, but Black Ops, unlike Halo: Reach, allows you to gain in-game advantages and sport kickass weapons with your loot – instead of just allowing you to buy armor gear as is the case with Halo: Reach.


I know that you think that I’ve been living under a rock all of my life, but being that I’ve never played a Call of Duty game, I had no idea that they Black Ops would offer the level of customization that it did. In Halo: Reach, you’ll have to rush to and hoard the best weapons on each map, but Black Ops provides custom saved “Classes” that will allow you to spawn with your favorite weapons that caters to your personal playing style.

For more, read 5 Multiplayer Features I Wish Halo: Reach Would Steal from COD: Black Ops, 5 Reasons Halo: Reach is the Most Addictive Halo Game Ever , and 5 Tips to Earn Credits in Halo: Reach like a Pro

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Get Off Your Butt and Play Some Videogames! Top 5 Recent Games that Keep You Fit

Get off your butt and play some video games!
Top 5 Recent Games that keep you fit

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the fat, acne ridden cheese eating video game nerd image that most of us gamers are immediately tagged with. Having gaming as a hobby was (and still is) considered a meaningless way to spend your time. Through all the years of everyone telling me to get off my butt and stop playing videogames, I’ve kept my chin high and continued to enjoy my hobby.

Recent developments in the gaming industry have made it more than possible to stay active and fit and still be a full-time gamer. With new technology in motion, weight, and pressure sensors, it’s easy to see how games have become a great way to stay in shape. I’ve put together a list of 5 top fitness games that are sure to get you moving, and to get your roomies (or parents!) off your back.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports was originally made as a demo for the Wii’s motion-sensing controller. The game itself is a collection of mini-games that get your heart pumping and your entire body moving. The game includes tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, and golf. Be careful not to destroy your living room reaching for that high swing.

Let’s Yoga

This game is basically an encyclopedia on Yoga, and teaches the user to do over 80 different Yoga poses. There’s an easy to understand tutorial, and can show you numerous poses you can do at work as well as at home. It’s not a very bright and eye catching game, but it’s motivational dialog and upbeat play keep you entertained and most importantly, physically fit and flexible.

Wii Fit

Lather your thighs with bengay and turn off your cell phone. This game will get you moving for hours, and keep your attention and mood peaked. The Wii fit pad contains a balance board that doubles as a scale. (Good thing or bad thing?) Any shifts in your balance or any movement your legs make are immediately sensed by the Wii fit pad. Wii Fit is great for cardio exercises, and also teaches basics in yoga and strength training.

Active Life: Outdoor Fitness

Active Life is another mini-game compilation, and players can physically compete against one another in multiplayer scenarios. When you jump over hurdles or logs, your character does too. You can jog, lean, and spin, and the game will turn your movements into actions against your opponents. This is a fun party game.

Yourself, Fitness

Have you ever wanted a pretty personal trainer with jiggling jubblies and arm weights that look like tiny tommy guns? Well you got it with Yourself, Fitness. It’s like having your own pixilated exercise guide right in your living room with you; only this one doesn’t cost $50.00 an hour. While you exercise with Yourself, Fitness, your virtual trainer gives you motivational feedback and even tips for your diet. Each workout is specifically tailored to the player by logging progression in the game. Yourself, Fitness offers strength training, flexibility training, and some cardio workouts, too.

Always place your challenges high in your tournaments

Many people would like to face more challenging task while playing their games and the game would be more interesting when they place one to one challenges between your opponents because it would be more thrilling when you play. In your 8 ball pool game you would have fifteen balls with a white cue ball and you have to push all the ball to the whole by using your stick and the eighth ball would always decides your victory in the game which you play. You have to use your pool cash and the pool coins in the game to join in the other tournaments so you can choose your timer where you can collect twenty five pool coins from your main screen by simply making clicks. The highest pool coins that had been won in the tournament by the player was 30,000 coins and if you wish you can also purchase your pool coins by spending your real money.

  • If you keep on playing you would get lots of coins through your experience and it would be easy for you to win your game.
  • This would help you and promote you to the various different levels in your games and keep your rank always higher which others cannot able to reach it.

You can spin and scratches to know your luck in playing your matches

If you keeps on playing daily then you would have a chance to spin the ball and if the luck flavors for you then you can win up to fifty thousand 8 ball pool free coins when you play your 8 ball pool. You may also scratch the card and win the maximum amount of the coins that you can get through it and suppose if you don’t find time for playing your game by going to the real place then you can switch over to the game in the 8 ball pool game in your device. You can also connect your game through the other social media where the each point that you collect would give you a good credits for you in the online. If your performance is high when compared to the others then all would appreciate you for your success in the game and if you wish then you can also place the challenge to your friends who are connected with you in your face book and this would help you to play the game and get more victories at the same time you can improve your skills in your 8 ball pool game.

5 Non Fantasy Massive Multiplayer Games

Elves and Dwarves. Goblins and Trolls. These seem to be the foundation of the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Games. If you’re tired of the same old sword and sorcery seen in games like World of Warcraft and Everquest, you might want to check out these games. All provide the same social game elements that make Massive Multiplayer Online Games popular, but without all of the chain mail and magic wands.
Anarchy Online

Free/$14.95 per month

Anarchy Online is a Science Fiction based game that features 14 different classes to choose from. Anarchy Online also features a two-tier subscription model. The first tier is free to play and allows players to access the initial game components but not the content from the later expansion packs. The free version is advertising supported but Anarchy Online does a good job of making the ad content seamless enough to not ruin the experience. They do this by placing their ads on billboards seen on the streets of the game’s cities. The second pricing tier is $14.95 per month and provides access to all expansion content.

City of Heroes/City of Villains

$14.99 per month

City of Heroes and City of Villains allows users to play as super heroes or super villains. One subscription gives users access to both games. The character creation portion of this game is the real star, featuring thousands of combinations to fully customize your hero or villain to your liking. Heroes and Villains each have five classes or archetypes to choose from with a number of powers within each archetype. There are also two unlockable classes per side for players who have leveled a character to 50. The game’s producers have also done a good job of giving their world a complex back story, complete with memorial statues to fallen super heroes.

WWII Online: Battleground Europe

$14.99 per month

Battleground Europe is a Massive Multiplayer Game set during the fighting in World War II. Players can choose to be part of the British, French, or German armies, navies, or air forces. Each side allows players to choose from a variety of historically modeled vehicles and weapons. Battleground Europe is a player vs. player driven game with Axis players in a constant battle with Ally players to gain ground in the continuing battle for Europe.

Eve Online

$14.95 per month

Eve Online is a ship-based science fiction massive multiplayer game that features both player vs. player and player vs. environment content. This game is unique in that you never venture outside your ship. Everything in this game is fully focused on building and upgrading your ships, ship based skills, and ship related buildings. It is also unique in that the skill training system operates in real-time, even when the player is offline. If player vs. player content is not your cup of tea, however, this game may not be for you. There is quite a bit of player vs. environment content but this is primarily to get players familiar with the mechanics of in-game combat. To advance fully in Eve Online, you will eventually have to engage in player vs. player combat.

Star Wars Galaxies

$14.99 per month

Star Wars Galaxies is a massive multiplayer game set in the universe of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga of films. The game features 9 classes to choose from and allows the player to choose to ally with the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, or remain independent. Additionally, Star Wars Galaxies features a space combat game that allows players to take control of many of the ships seen in the movies. While the mechanics of Star Wars Galaxies are seen as simplistic to many seasoned gamers, the real appeal of this game is the ability to adventure within the numerous locales seen within the Star Wars series of movies, books, and television shows. Players will run missions in such familiar places as Mos Eisley Cantina, Naboo, and Jabba the Hut’s palace.