A guide on the golden keys, city layout, and Daniels city in the game SimCity buildit

SimCity is a mobile simulation game where the player has to be the mayor of a city. This game was launched in the market by EA mobile in the year 2014. You can play this game on your mobile or tablets. You will have to build your city and do all the upgradation which city demands. So if you are a beginner, then you need to know about minimum things like properties or services so that you can sell and proceed with this game.

Golden keys:

So you must be wondering what the currency that you can use for buying stuff is? Well for proceeding to this game you will need simoleons. There is another form of You that is the golden keys. You can easily earn these golden keys after unlocking Cargo Dock. There will be a ship which will come and demand some goods from you. After you complete the loading, then another shipment offer will arrive in 6 hours. Now you will get 18 hours for fulfilling it. When your city has a population of at least 90,000, then you will unlock new challenges. So your city will also face challenges which can destroy the buildings of your city. So you may again have to rebuild it with time and some money for earning the golden key. You can use these keys for buying some specialized buildings that will help you in getting some population boosting. You can also use the green energy for getting more spaces.

City layout:

For playing this game efficiently, you have to make one thing very clear that the city layout should be proper. If you can build an efficient layout, then it will not only look good but will also save you a lot of money by easily maximizing all the effects of the service coverage. Before you start playing this game, you need to plan the entire layout. So do not be absent-minded during this time and make sure to add buildings and reduce infrastructure. You can easily make the use of the maximum space during the early stages by using parallel lines. You can also fit at least one to two plots for residential purpose in the lines. You can also try the beach specializations as it won’t take a huge amount of space. If you can place the residential area near the beaches, then it can help you in boosting the population.

Daniel’s city:

Daniel plays a vital role in this game. He has his trade HQ and is a great player who can sell its products for the entry price. The easily refreshes all his stock each day and always has 6-


7 types of items for sale. And chances of any item being an expansion item is very high like city expansion, storage expansion, or beach expansion. You can also get the free items by clicking the bubbles that will appear like presents near or above the residential buildings. Visiting Daniel’s city will help you to get many free simoleons or get benefited with rare items.

These three things are the most vital part of this game. You have to build the city properly and at the same time look for more resources and ways for boosting the population. You can also use the SimCity Buildit Cheats 2018 for mastering this game. You should also make sure that you are providing all the necessary services to the sims so that you can get the tax of 20% from them. You should also concentrate on getting extra cash by selling the extra goods as currency can help you to buy more buildings and make upgrades.