Get Free Diamonds – Hay Day Hack

How to play Hay Day?

Hay Day is a farming game so it’s ideal for all those city people who would like to catch a break and feel that they are in the country for a little while. The goals are easy, You will need to harvest and feed your animals to gain goods from them which you will later on sell to the individuals who come to you to buy, or sell them on your stalls. The interactive game will give you the chance to connect with your Facebook friends who also play the game but it’s not as much based on cooperation as the average Facebook games.

As you are playing the game and level up with success, there are two things you will earn in the process:

  • Coins: earn it to buy standard goods
  • Diamonds: earn it to expand your farm, buy specific animals or machines for your farm

As you are leveling up and a dynamic expansion is getting inevitable, you will see that it’s very hard to do so, when one doesn’t have enough diamonds which are not easy to earn. Player are offered the chance to be able to purchase a great deal of diamonds for a smaller amount of money, but of course most of us don’t want to buy them. That’s exactly when Hay Day Hacks come in the picture.

What you can use?

You will be given a track to carry goods and in order to start expansion you will also need the specific tools to cut out trees in order to be able to have more farm land on the given area. After reaching a specific level, you will be given the chance to have a boat and perform bigger tasks too. Through the fishing island you will be able to catch your own fish and use them for cooking food and sell them on the market or for achieving goals.

As you can see the game starts in small but then it gets more and more dynamical and it will require more and more time and attention for you to be able to perform all the tasks in a timely manner. As most tasks will be timed e.g. you are given a certain amount of time to perform this and that and afterward the task expires one can use diamonds to gain more time too.

How to hack the game?

Hay Day Hack: Hay Day Free Diamonds is very easy to find online and as you won’t need to download them, you will find it a very quick transaction. Using a script based proxy connection the app which is the hack will find an easy way to connect your mobile app and do the upload of the wished amount of diamonds that way. As there are many pages out there you may need to also look around on the gaming forums to make sure that the page you would like to choose is secure enough and nothing will get transmitted to your desktop.


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