Get Off Your Butt and Play Some Videogames! Top 5 Recent Games that Keep You Fit

Get off your butt and play some video games!
Top 5 Recent Games that keep you fit

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the fat, acne ridden cheese eating video game nerd image that most of us gamers are immediately tagged with. Having gaming as a hobby was (and still is) considered a meaningless way to spend your time. Through all the years of everyone telling me to get off my butt and stop playing videogames, I’ve kept my chin high and continued to enjoy my hobby.

Recent developments in the gaming industry have made it more than possible to stay active and fit and still be a full-time gamer. With new technology in motion, weight, and pressure sensors, it’s easy to see how games have become a great way to stay in shape. I’ve put together a list of 5 top fitness games that are sure to get you moving, and to get your roomies (or parents!) off your back.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports was originally made as a demo for the Wii’s motion-sensing controller. The game itself is a collection of mini-games that get your heart pumping and your entire body moving. The game includes tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, and golf. Be careful not to destroy your living room reaching for that high swing.

Let’s Yoga

This game is basically an encyclopedia on Yoga, and teaches the user to do over 80 different Yoga poses. There’s an easy to understand tutorial, and can show you numerous poses you can do at work as well as at home. It’s not a very bright and eye catching game, but it’s motivational dialog and upbeat play keep you entertained and most importantly, physically fit and flexible.

Wii Fit

Lather your thighs with bengay and turn off your cell phone. This game will get you moving for hours, and keep your attention and mood peaked. The Wii fit pad contains a balance board that doubles as a scale. (Good thing or bad thing?) Any shifts in your balance or any movement your legs make are immediately sensed by the Wii fit pad. Wii Fit is great for cardio exercises, and also teaches basics in yoga and strength training.

Active Life: Outdoor Fitness

Active Life is another mini-game compilation, and players can physically compete against one another in multiplayer scenarios. When you jump over hurdles or logs, your character does too. You can jog, lean, and spin, and the game will turn your movements into actions against your opponents. This is a fun party game.

Yourself, Fitness

Have you ever wanted a pretty personal trainer with jiggling jubblies and arm weights that look like tiny tommy guns? Well you got it with Yourself, Fitness. It’s like having your own pixilated exercise guide right in your living room with you; only this one doesn’t cost $50.00 an hour. While you exercise with Yourself, Fitness, your virtual trainer gives you motivational feedback and even tips for your diet. Each workout is specifically tailored to the player by logging progression in the game. Yourself, Fitness offers strength training, flexibility training, and some cardio workouts, too.

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