Know how Free Fire Battlegrounds is a chance to loot?

All the players jump out of the plane by opening the parachute without any resource. Simply there is hardly any scope other than finding a place to hide and judge the situations. On the way, the player should target to make loot for the armor and weapons as fast as one can. Quickly one needs to search out a place to hide. Some player may prefer bushes whereas others find relief in nearby buildings. After getting into the building player may find loot, if not already plundered by any other player. The players need to keep an eye on the top of the interface to see the countdown. The safe zone would appear not before 4 minutes. Some time is wasted in landing hence actually you get only 2 to 3 minutes in locating your safe zone.

The trick for getting the safe zones?

After getting a safe zone you should not start fighting. These initial times are very important when the players should arm themselves. The fate of the game depends a lot on the decision that a player takes at this start time. Do not panic rather keep cool and let other players slaying each other. This will lessen the burden of killing many and at the same time, you save your bullets. For more garena free fire battlegrounds cheats and tricks, visit thatgamehack.

How does the safe zone appear?

In Free Fire Battlegrounds safe zones are quite a large and wide area marked by white circles. These zones can appear anywhere in the map. The players are safe inside these circled safe zones. Once a player gets out of the safe zone health condition deteriorates fast and the player can die even within two minutes. Hence, try to manage to stay inside the white-circled safe zone as much as possible. Well, the experts can get in and move out of these safe zones as a part of their tactics. But the novice should always try to stay in the safe zone otherwise fighting would be tougher or may become impossible.

Know how safe area shrinks as the game proceeds

One thing the players need to remember is that the safe zone of the Free Fire Battleground shrinks as the game proceeds. The game area gets smaller with each second. In the ending time, only a tiny space remains for the battle and the player dies more quickly outside the smaller safe zone. Another thing a player should remember that in the battleground you can never stay at one place.

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