Get Off Your Butt and Play Some Videogames! Top 5 Recent Games that Keep You Fit

Get off your butt and play some video games!
Top 5 Recent Games that keep you fit

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the fat, acne ridden cheese eating video game nerd image that most of us gamers are immediately tagged with. Having gaming as a hobby was (and still is) considered a meaningless way to spend your time. Through all the years of everyone telling me to get off my butt and stop playing videogames, I’ve kept my chin high and continued to enjoy my hobby.

Recent developments in the gaming industry have made it more than possible to stay active and fit and still be a full-time gamer. With new technology in motion, weight, and pressure sensors, it’s easy to see how games have become a great way to stay in shape. I’ve put together a list of 5 top fitness games that are sure to get you moving, and to get your roomies (or parents!) off your back.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports was originally made as a demo for the Wii’s motion-sensing controller. The game itself is a collection of mini-games that get your heart pumping and your entire body moving. The game includes tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, and golf. Be careful not to destroy your living room reaching for that high swing.

Let’s Yoga

This game is basically an encyclopedia on Yoga, and teaches the user to do over 80 different Yoga poses. There’s an easy to understand tutorial, and can show you numerous poses you can do at work as well as at home. It’s not a very bright and eye catching game, but it’s motivational dialog and upbeat play keep you entertained and most importantly, physically fit and flexible.

Wii Fit

Lather your thighs with bengay and turn off your cell phone. This game will get you moving for hours, and keep your attention and mood peaked. The Wii fit pad contains a balance board that doubles as a scale. (Good thing or bad thing?) Any shifts in your balance or any movement your legs make are immediately sensed by the Wii fit pad. Wii Fit is great for cardio exercises, and also teaches basics in yoga and strength training.

Active Life: Outdoor Fitness

Active Life is another mini-game compilation, and players can physically compete against one another in multiplayer scenarios. When you jump over hurdles or logs, your character does too. You can jog, lean, and spin, and the game will turn your movements into actions against your opponents. This is a fun party game.

Yourself, Fitness

Have you ever wanted a pretty personal trainer with jiggling jubblies and arm weights that look like tiny tommy guns? Well you got it with Yourself, Fitness. It’s like having your own pixilated exercise guide right in your living room with you; only this one doesn’t cost $50.00 an hour. While you exercise with Yourself, Fitness, your virtual trainer gives you motivational feedback and even tips for your diet. Each workout is specifically tailored to the player by logging progression in the game. Yourself, Fitness offers strength training, flexibility training, and some cardio workouts, too.

Always place your challenges high in your tournaments

Many people would like to face more challenging task while playing their games and the game would be more interesting when they place one to one challenges between your opponents because it would be more thrilling when you play. In your 8 ball pool game you would have fifteen balls with a white cue ball and you have to push all the ball to the whole by using your stick and the eighth ball would always decides your victory in the game which you play. You have to use your pool cash and the pool coins in the game to join in the other tournaments so you can choose your timer where you can collect twenty five pool coins from your main screen by simply making clicks. The highest pool coins that had been won in the tournament by the player was 30,000 coins and if you wish you can also purchase your pool coins by spending your real money.

  • If you keep on playing you would get lots of coins through your experience and it would be easy for you to win your game.
  • This would help you and promote you to the various different levels in your games and keep your rank always higher which others cannot able to reach it.

You can spin and scratches to know your luck in playing your matches

If you keeps on playing daily then you would have a chance to spin the ball and if the luck flavors for you then you can win up to fifty thousand 8 ball pool free coins when you play your 8 ball pool. You may also scratch the card and win the maximum amount of the coins that you can get through it and suppose if you don’t find time for playing your game by going to the real place then you can switch over to the game in the 8 ball pool game in your device. You can also connect your game through the other social media where the each point that you collect would give you a good credits for you in the online. If your performance is high when compared to the others then all would appreciate you for your success in the game and if you wish then you can also place the challenge to your friends who are connected with you in your face book and this would help you to play the game and get more victories at the same time you can improve your skills in your 8 ball pool game.

5 Non Fantasy Massive Multiplayer Games

Elves and Dwarves. Goblins and Trolls. These seem to be the foundation of the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Games. If you’re tired of the same old sword and sorcery seen in games like World of Warcraft and Everquest, you might want to check out these games. All provide the same social game elements that make Massive Multiplayer Online Games popular, but without all of the chain mail and magic wands.
Anarchy Online

Free/$14.95 per month

Anarchy Online is a Science Fiction based game that features 14 different classes to choose from. Anarchy Online also features a two-tier subscription model. The first tier is free to play and allows players to access the initial game components but not the content from the later expansion packs. The free version is advertising supported but Anarchy Online does a good job of making the ad content seamless enough to not ruin the experience. They do this by placing their ads on billboards seen on the streets of the game’s cities. The second pricing tier is $14.95 per month and provides access to all expansion content.

City of Heroes/City of Villains

$14.99 per month

City of Heroes and City of Villains allows users to play as super heroes or super villains. One subscription gives users access to both games. The character creation portion of this game is the real star, featuring thousands of combinations to fully customize your hero or villain to your liking. Heroes and Villains each have five classes or archetypes to choose from with a number of powers within each archetype. There are also two unlockable classes per side for players who have leveled a character to 50. The game’s producers have also done a good job of giving their world a complex back story, complete with memorial statues to fallen super heroes.

WWII Online: Battleground Europe

$14.99 per month

Battleground Europe is a Massive Multiplayer Game set during the fighting in World War II. Players can choose to be part of the British, French, or German armies, navies, or air forces. Each side allows players to choose from a variety of historically modeled vehicles and weapons. Battleground Europe is a player vs. player driven game with Axis players in a constant battle with Ally players to gain ground in the continuing battle for Europe.

Eve Online

$14.95 per month

Eve Online is a ship-based science fiction massive multiplayer game that features both player vs. player and player vs. environment content. This game is unique in that you never venture outside your ship. Everything in this game is fully focused on building and upgrading your ships, ship based skills, and ship related buildings. It is also unique in that the skill training system operates in real-time, even when the player is offline. If player vs. player content is not your cup of tea, however, this game may not be for you. There is quite a bit of player vs. environment content but this is primarily to get players familiar with the mechanics of in-game combat. To advance fully in Eve Online, you will eventually have to engage in player vs. player combat.

Star Wars Galaxies

$14.99 per month

Star Wars Galaxies is a massive multiplayer game set in the universe of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga of films. The game features 9 classes to choose from and allows the player to choose to ally with the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, or remain independent. Additionally, Star Wars Galaxies features a space combat game that allows players to take control of many of the ships seen in the movies. While the mechanics of Star Wars Galaxies are seen as simplistic to many seasoned gamers, the real appeal of this game is the ability to adventure within the numerous locales seen within the Star Wars series of movies, books, and television shows. Players will run missions in such familiar places as Mos Eisley Cantina, Naboo, and Jabba the Hut’s palace.

Amazing benefits of using super Mario run hack tool

Super Mario is one of the most trending games and it is initially released for iOS device so most of the people are willing to play this game. One of the main benefits of this game that is having new adventure features and players can play this game for smartphone, iPhone and iPad. When it comes to the gameplay of this game then it is consisting of 3 gameplay modes features. The first mode is challenging courses so players can compete with their opponent and they can create the mushroom kingdom with the help of collected coins. In case you are planning to win this game then you have to struggle a lot. Well players are also struggling with coins collecting but players can use Super Mario Run Hack: Unlimited Coins & Full Game Unlock. If you are using the best hack tool then instantly you can win a game. Most of the popular sites are offering hack tools but players have to carefully choose the best one.

A wonderful feature of super Mario run hack

Super Mario run game is created in the unity engine and they are using 2.5D graphics which is used in the new super Mario bros game. In super Mario game, it is automatically runs from the left to right but players have to control the Mario while running. Players have t build the mushroom kingdom with the help of collected coins. But runs coins are difficult to collect so winning this game is not easy job. But we are lived in the technology world and everything is possible with the help of technology. So players might also easily win this game with the help of super mario run hack tool. Most of the developers are providing this tool at their site but players have to carefully choose the best one. Several tools might contain spyware or malware which is dangerous to your device. But in case you are choosing the best hack tool then you can get numerous numbers of benefits such as

  • Unlimited run coins
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  • Secured proxy

So try to choose the best hack tool and while choosing the hack tool check whether it is containing proxy protection or not. Some of the sites are designing the tool to steal your information so try to avoid in such kind of tool.

Detailed instructions to use the super Mario run hack

In a modern world most of the people are not aware of hack tool so they are struggling to use the hack. But if you are following below instructions then you can easily win this game such as

  • Choose the authorized site to download hack tool
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Players have to wait for a while because it might take few seconds t upload your information and you can also use Mario online hack tool. If you are using online hack tool then you no need to worry about virus. But you have to enable the proxy protection and 24 bit encryption method which is really helpful to protect your information. Super Mario is the most interesting and fulfilled game so play this game with the help of hack tool. It is really helpful to increase your resources instantly at your game account. Hack tools are coming with the free of cost so anyone can use the hack tool.

Clash of clans Android apk 2016


The clash of clan hack is a new hacked version of CoC that available to use on all mobile phones. Now, the clash of clan game comes with an uncountable amount of new exciting features such as limitless gems, limitless gold and limitless elixirs. It is a browsed based game and possible to play online in the comfort of your game. At present, both clash of clans hack tool and non-hacked version has been played thousands of people daily that bring amazing gaming experience to all the players. With this new hack version, you can build up and create your own clan by using unlimited resources.

Right now, the clash of clan is a most famous strategy game that available for free and works on both android and iOS devices. It is recommended to play by all aged people and easy to download through online without spending money. When it comes to collecting the special items, you do not need to spend any cost rather you can get everything for free. Once you start playing this game, you can add certain amount of gems that you wish. The best thing about this hack tool is no limit, so you can get the resources as much as you want. This program was tested by a lot of beta testers that works perfectly every time.

Clash of clan- How to get free gems?

The clash of clan cheats are very easy to use and made with user-friendly design. To begin hacking game, you need to go to and access a few buttons. If you want to get free gems, you just follow the steps given below:

  • Initially, you have to type the username or ID
  • Select the desire amount of gems, gold, coins and elixir that you want to add
  • Click on Submit or Generate button and it takes less than a minute to generate the resources

The recent version of this tool is often available on the internet, so you can simply click on the Update button before using it. The clash of clan also guarantees to use free from viruses and other dangerous files. It does not want to install this tool on your PC or required any password. All you need to do is to scan the tool with your own anti-virus software and then use it.

Top reasons to use clash of clan hack generator tool

The major reasons to use clash of clans hack generator tool is including the numerous benefits:

  • It gives you access to get uncountable amount of free gems, gold, coins, elixirs and also additional warriors.
  • It is an awesome hack tool application than other tools.
  • It is purely online based and greatly protects your account from being interrupted by any virus, spywares and also guarantee no one has access to your account.
  • This tool saves you a lot of time and do not need to wait for a long time to get the resources on your account from the developers.
  • It is also free to use that saves you from buying the fake resources from dummy websites.

Clash royale hack and cheats tool online

Clash royale hack is one of the latest online hack tools for this year. It was developed by the Supercell that can product a lot of free gems and other resources. The specialty of clasherhack4me is giving you a chance to begin a new game and become one of the top players in your game. When you use this tool, you do not worry about your data, because this tool can use the new encryption method to confidential your data that brings very much protection to use this latest hack tool. If you need more resources to play this game, you can simply use this clash of royale hack tool and get unlimited again.

The clash of royale hack tool is specially designed for producing unlimited amount of resources such as gold, gems and elixirs on this game. All these resources are completely free to get and do not want to spend your real money. Nowadays, there are millions of people using this new clash royale cheat tool and get them a lot of benefits. The only thing that you have to do is to click on the Online Hack button and get whatever the resources you want at any number of times. At present, the clash royale hack is available in the form of couple of versions such as online and downloadable, so you can use it any version depend on your needs.

How to use clash royale hack?

Today, the clash royale hack is one of the best online tools in the world that connects you to the Supercell servers and let you add unlimited resources directly from the server. The best thing about this hack tool is that do not want to download anything to generate resources. Instead of, you can simply use it on your own device to obtain the best features from the internet. This tool has the capability to work all devices such as android, iOS, tablets and other mobile devices. You can also work on this tool offline by installing it on your PC and do not worry about the latest updates. If you want to know how to use the clash royale hack, you just take a look on these steps:

  • At the beginning, click the button at the top right corner of the generator page.
  • Enter your username
  • Select the platform of your device
  • Choose the certain amount of resources such as gems and gold that you want
  • Click on the Generator button
  • Let you wait for a few seconds until the generator adds the resources to your game account
  • Verify that you are a human
  • Finally, enjoy using the unlimited resources


Get free gems using clash royale hack

When you are playing clash royale hack, most probably you will reach the certain point where you are out of gold, gems or elixir that needs to collect to progress in further. On this game, the clash royale cheats are making mysteries and unlocking secrets very easily by giving countless resources. This clash royale online tool is a program that allows you to hack your gaming account in the most effective way. It also works connect to your system and manipulate the database hassle free without any detection.

Top reasons to use clash royale hack tool

The major reasons for using the clash royale hack are including the numerous benefits that include:

  • This online hack tool is quite simple and easy to use
  • All you do is enter your username, select the device and generate
  • Proxy ensures strongly encrypted connections
  • No download is required
  • Compatible to work on all devices
  • Get unlimited resources such as gold, gems, elixirs, etc.

Get Free Diamonds – Hay Day Hack

How to play Hay Day?

Hay Day is a farming game so it’s ideal for all those city people who would like to catch a break and feel that they are in the country for a little while. The goals are easy, You will need to harvest and feed your animals to gain goods from them which you will later on sell to the individuals who come to you to buy, or sell them on your stalls. The interactive game will give you the chance to connect with your Facebook friends who also play the game but it’s not as much based on cooperation as the average Facebook games.

As you are playing the game and level up with success, there are two things you will earn in the process:

  • Coins: earn it to buy standard goods
  • Diamonds: earn it to expand your farm, buy specific animals or machines for your farm

As you are leveling up and a dynamic expansion is getting inevitable, you will see that it’s very hard to do so, when one doesn’t have enough diamonds which are not easy to earn. Player are offered the chance to be able to purchase a great deal of diamonds for a smaller amount of money, but of course most of us don’t want to buy them. That’s exactly when Hay Day Hacks come in the picture.

What you can use?

You will be given a track to carry goods and in order to start expansion you will also need the specific tools to cut out trees in order to be able to have more farm land on the given area. After reaching a specific level, you will be given the chance to have a boat and perform bigger tasks too. Through the fishing island you will be able to catch your own fish and use them for cooking food and sell them on the market or for achieving goals.

As you can see the game starts in small but then it gets more and more dynamical and it will require more and more time and attention for you to be able to perform all the tasks in a timely manner. As most tasks will be timed e.g. you are given a certain amount of time to perform this and that and afterward the task expires one can use diamonds to gain more time too.

How to hack the game?

Hay Day Hack: Hay Day Free Diamonds is very easy to find online and as you won’t need to download them, you will find it a very quick transaction. Using a script based proxy connection the app which is the hack will find an easy way to connect your mobile app and do the upload of the wished amount of diamonds that way. As there are many pages out there you may need to also look around on the gaming forums to make sure that the page you would like to choose is secure enough and nothing will get transmitted to your desktop.


Get accessing to the online Pixel Gun 3D hack tool

Whenever the individuals would like to play challenging battle game with your colleagues, friends and anyone else from anywhere of the world, you can choose Pixel Gun 3D game on the web. Each and every player can able to create and also personal your gaming character with the help of the unique skin maker given on the battle field. As it is the multiplayer online video game, everyone can surely enjoy playing it worldwide with two or more numbers of the opponents. The graphics and gaming environment of this pixel gun 3d game are really amazing to enjoy your game play.

Main features of the multiplayer mode:

The following are the most considerable features of this multiplayer online video game.

  • In this pixel gun 3d game, the players can have both local and worldwide connection types.
  • There are more than 35 unique maps of the different sizes and shapes available in this game.
  • The weapons of the pixel gun game have been continuously upgraded including rocket launchers, sniper rifles, magic weapons, energy weapons and etc. There are over thousands of weapons types available for beating your enemies in the game play.
  • In the multiplayer mode of the pixel gun 3d game, totally 10 players can able to play one game simultaneously.
  • The players of the pixel gun 3d game can able to enjoy the different online gaming modes such as deadly games, classic death match, coop survival, flag capture, point capture and also team battle.

In this three dimensional game, the player can have a very important gaming character called pixel man who has found himself in the terrible situation because of the attacks of the scary zombies. He has several numbers of weapons to shoot zombies and win the game. In order to get access to such weapons like machine guns and hand guns, each and every player should need to have more amounts of gold and gems on your account. For this purpose, you can make use of the pixel gun 3d hack tool on the internet. The hacking website has dedicated online resource generator from which you can generate unlimited numbers of gold and gems for your pixel gun 3d game play.

Pixel Gun 3d hack online:

The passionate players of the pixel gun 3d game will become a superior player with the help of the hacking process available for your successful game play. Whether you are playing this pixel gun game on the PC or mobile phone, you just make use of the highly compatible range of hacking website for your 3d pixel gun game.

All the Android and iOS smart phones and tablets are also now having a highly dedicated platform of pixel gun 3d online hacking platform with no necessary to download. There are several hacking services available with the official pixel gun websites which are mobile friendly platforms for all versions of Android and iOS operating systems. Today, a lot of online based hacking platforms have been providing exciting range of instant resources to the players of course for the successful game play. Everyone should need to learn how to hack the pixel gun three dimensional game in an easier manner.

  • In the first step, the players should need to enter your email address and pixel gun gaming user game.
  • After that, you have to select the amount of free gems and gold (coins) which you need for your game play.
  • Let the hack tool of the pixel gun 3d run for generating your desired amount of gaming resources.
  • Within a few seconds, the complete hacking process will be done quickly and the generated resources will be directly added to your account.

The players don’t need to spend any amount to make use of the hack tool because the tool hackpixelgun3d is completely free to use and super easy to generate your necessary amounts of coins and gems on your PC, smart phone or tablet. Such resources are very helpful to unlock all the weapons in the different modes to shoot the zombies and easily win the game. The hacking process of pixel gun 3d game will really be great for the exciting and funny game play to make hardcore games as the easier ones to play online.